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Youth League Registration

2014 League Sessions

Costs are $125 per child or $425 per team

All League Sessions are 5 weeks long. Evaluation dates TBD.

Registration is open!

Click on your grade level to register.

Fall (1st Session)— Sundays, September 21 – October 26  (Skip Sept. 28)

Evaluation: Wednesday,  September 17 Boys 5-6 PM, Girls 6-7 PM

  Registration is now closed.

 Fall (2nd Session)— Sundays, November 9 – December 7  —

Evaluations: Wednesday November 5th Boys 5-6 PM, Girls 6-7 PM

Boys 3rd-5th   Girls 3rd-5th   Boys 6th-8th   Girls 6th-8th

Gate admission for league sessions is $3 per day, or $12 pass for the current league session.

ALWAYS 100 LEAGUE RULES*Each game will consist of two 20 minute halves*There will be a running clock*The clock starts stopping on the 2 minute mark in the second half

*Each player is allowed up to 6 fouls

*Overtime will run for 2 minutes

*Double overtime will run for 1 minute

*Triple overtime will be sudden death

*Each coach is allowed three, 30 second time outs per game

*Foul shots will be one & one.  Double bonus is 2 shots

*Both teams MUST provide a score keeper

Home team score keeper will work the book, Visitors will work the shot clock

Each score keeper will get a free pass for the whole session

ANY Questions Please Call or Email

PH: 260-444-2788



There are currently no active leagues. Please check back soon.